Times have changed nation and world wide, which is true for salons all over the globe. Aveda salons have been transformed under the social distancing guidelines of the pandemic, with 160 Aveda salons opening in Australia to maintain the family focus, ritualism and strong brand ethos Aveda is famous for, even without it’s iconic elements of touch.

The structure of the brand’s salons has changed to forgo its holistic and ritualistic elements, including aromatic hand and neck massages and scalp checks. Personal interaction has been limited with clients requested to shampoo their hair beforehand to reduce time in the salon. The salons are going above and beyond to offer additional home care rituals, blow-drying adjustments and dry cuts. Salons also propose virtual consultations prior to the in-salon appointment, again reducing time in the salon.

“In a time when touch was critical to Aveda and salon business, heightened hygiene and social distancing protocols for stylists and clients are in place with an extensive daily checklist sent to all salons as safety is still the number one priority,” the brand said.

As social distancing slowly decreases around the country, many services are being sought after by isolating clients, including colour, root services and more. Aveda continues to offer their renowned exceptional service and brand identity, proving that client connection goes far beyond touch to true care, consideration, service and ethos, and offering a savvy blueprint for salons across the nation.

For more information visit www.aveda.com.au