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Bach Hair Explores Fatal Beauty at GenNext

In an increasingly image conscious era, Bach Hair explored unfamiliar aesthetics as the adverse to classic beauty. The strange looks became a statement about how beauty-focussed we have become and that even styles considered outside of the norm can be beautiful. See the video, exclusive to Styleicons, below.


Fatal Beauty began with images of classic beauty

Starting with more classically beautiful looks, the show quickly deconstructed these notions, taking the aesthetic into the eccentric and theatrical. Classic, bold red lips with golden skin and more natural makeup adorned the first models, but the look was then transformed into a genre more resembling horror. Bold, black eyes surrounded in soft pink tones and ghostly-white pale skin portrayed a zombie-like aesthetic, and the models were equally theatrical in their presentation. The switch was aided by the lighting, music and smoke machines which firmly put the audience into The Walking Dead territory.


The show then darkened this aesthetic to something spookier

Greens, blondes, auburns, blacks and all of their combinations were found throughout the colour styling of the hair, with big, top heavy shapes, edgy short crops and more classic looks with a dark twist showing on stage. Costume-like fashion kept to black and white, playing with classic silhouettes and modern accessories to create something original and spooky.

With the transformation happening before your eyes, Bach Hair deconstructed our notions of what is beautiful, making a radical statement about our culture of beauty obsession.

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Photography by Jamie Carroll

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