For so many years, a variety of slightly different, similarly themed, creatively named hair colour trends hit Instagram what felt like every week, and leave it to isolation to ensure a new one has come roaring back onto the scene. Social media’s new rainbow hair colour darling, Aurora Borealis hair, may be the most creative vivid hair colour trend yet.

“For all the vivid colour lovers, the new Aurora Borealis hair (or Northern Lights hair) is the must have,” Stephane Ferreira from salon Live True London told the Irish Examiner. “This trend will navigate in hues of blue, some green and slightly purple at times so that it mirrors the sought-after natural phenomenon.”

The trend takes from the mermaid/rainbow trends of the past as built on cobalt blues, greens, purples and other highlights. Classic blue is a base colour of the Northern Lights and is Pantone’s colour of the year, making it a fitting and on-trend necessity for the look.

The trend was cemented with recent posts from rapper Meg Three Stallion, who debuted the vibrant look in a wig to her almost 12 million followers. The bright style was a total show-stopper, pervading your clients’ feeds and maybe encouraging them to be that more audacious. Importantly, the look also showed support for the LGBTIQ+ community during Pride Month. The look was created by wig specialist and celebrity hairdresser Kellon Dervck, who used Guy Tang’s #Mydentity range of hues to create the unique colour.

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Happy pride month hotties 😛

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Maybe your clients were truly bored enough in isolation to give this a go, maybe you can be creatively inspired by the looks in other ways or maybe you cam just subtly take from the aesthetic for a softer application of these eye-catching hues. Either way, Aurora Borealis hair is officially a celebrity-endorsed hit, and we kind of love the after care, retail purchases and salon time that inspires. So get to it!