This theatrical Avant Garde collection is all about breaking the mould, with a collection of images that encapsulate the very essence of our imagination. Yoshi Su of Rokk Ebony references his childhood experiences and elements of Eastern culture, merging art and design in the creation of this experimental aesthetic.

Flowers, skulls, bears and stars can all be seen in the shape of the hair, while the colour explores rich hues of pinks, brunettes and ice blondes.

Drawn from the concept of ‘Fantasy Fairytale’, Yoshi specifically utilises certain fairytale features. For example, the purity and innocence of the princess character is based on the Japanese artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and general princess images from Japanese manga.

“The evil villain is the evil queen that changes her appearance with the evil hidden behind the face,” Yoshi explains of the other characters. “Death is represented by the widow’s veil like a veil at a funeral, whilst Magic and miracles in the fairytale are depicted by the pentacle. The gold bear pelt represents the always enduring hero, the royal prince or hunter. Lastly in contrast to the dark veil, the white bridal veil is inspired from 1910-1920s long bridal veil and it represents happy ever after.”

Pushing the boundaries of evocative styling, the Bedtime Story collection is rooted in familiar childhood tales, stretching them to their most imaginative points to reveal something new and different.

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Hair: Yoshi Su
Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird
Makeup: Sarah Baxter

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