This month, dynamic duo/hairdressing legends/Ssh! Creators Benni Tognini and Emiliano Vitale represented Australia in the Taiwanese capital (that’s Taipei for the uninitiated, or those that didn’t read the title of this article). The pair were an integral part of the latest instalment of NOISE, the global phenomenon that began in London and is rapidly making its way through the international industry.

Emiliano Vitale presents at NOISE Tapei

Emiliano and Benni were requested to take the stage together, by NOISE Founder Richard Ashforth, in order to take part in the event concept that fuses hair and art. NOISE, much like Ssh!, utilises guerrilla marketing tactics, giving voice to a younger generation of hairdressers and utilising social media to raise anticipation unlike any other event. This vibe makes the creative education forum feel more like a concert.

Benni Tognini presents at NOISE Tapei

“Emiliano and I had travelled to Taipei earlier in the year as we are looking to expand Ssh! and Asia is a perfect setting for the concept,” said Benni. “With Richard’s invitation it allowed us to present our own version of Ssh! for NOISE, introduced as ‘Team Ssh’!”


The duo presented to an audience of over 1200 Taiwanese hairdressers, with Benni flaunting his trademark Avant Garde skills and Emiliano presenting bald women adorned with lace and feathers, reminiscent of the é SALON session at last year’s Ssh! event.

“Working on NOISE Taipei and working with the best artists in the world was an incredible experience,” Emiliano enthused. “You get inspired, challenged and question your work and direction, but no matter what happens when you’re in this environment you get lifted by those around you. It’s like you become infected by this creative energy that gives your hands a sense of magic. It’s one of best feelings in the world.”


Benni and Emiliano also participated in a Masterclass, alongside fellow styling legends SACO, Xpresion, Peter Gray, Eros and Debut, in an incomparable performance.


“To work alongside these artists was stimulating and mind-blowing; so much creative genius and talent in one place – it was just incredible. We are definitely looking forward to bringing the same amount of talent, imagination, ingenuity and inventiveness to Australia for Ssh! 2016,” shared Emiliano.