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Bernie Craven Offers Waste Free Systems to Salons

Long-time salon owner Bernie Craven has injected some environmental engagement into the hair industry thanks to his recently-launched Waste Free Systems, a new-found staple of the Queensland hair industry. The concept offers a range of initiatives which aim to have salons acting on their concern for the environment and energised about helping it in any way. The pinnacle of the initiative is the company’s artful bins, guaranteed to make your salon look that much more fun and start a conversation – while helping the environment.

“Waste Free systems was set up as an industry initiative, providing salon owners with simple to use art covered bin systems collecting 100 per cent of salon waste in most cases,” Bernie explained. “A big part of what we do is also education, letting salon owners know how to reduce their costs by minimising their carbon footprint. We engage with companies and educators as well letting them know we have a solution to what is an industry wide problem, you can’t stand on the fence anymore pretending it isn’t happening, now is the time to make a united stand.”

The waste that the company collects extends from hair to metals, plastics, paper, chemicals, sharp implements and organic matter, all of which can be recycled and repurposed for the better. The fact that it is run by a stalwart of the hairdressing industry makes the company specifically able to deal with the unique salon waste in an optimal way. For salons, the company presents PR opportunities and business growth (not to mention that great karma) as a reason to sign up as a partner – all for free.

The company is two years in the making, and is continuing to innovate beyond their waste management capabilities. New products that facilitate vegetation (and are partly recycled from salon materials and waste) and the recycling of bio-degradable towels that are sold to raise money for charitable causes, are just some of the ideas now developed under their impressive umbrella. The company also continues to extend to reach every hairdresser in each corner of the state.

“We have very recently launched, in conjunction with Salon Depot in Kedron, Brisbane, Waste Free Lite where we have created a drop in Waste Free Zone for home based salons and independent hairdressers who don’t have enough clients for our full service but still want to feel like they are part of it,” Bernie said. “We have also just launched Australia’s first Waste Free Barber shop in Maroochydore.”

The service is currently finding great success in Queensland with plans to expand nationally as the business grows. It’s also an affordable and necessary option for eco-conscious salons (that should be everyone), providing the Art Bin systems for free and funding the services through a user pay system based on client numbers.

Bernie is a long time pioneer in education, philanthropy and environmental endeavours centric to the hair industry, with initiatives like Hair Aid making him renowned in the community. The Waste Free Systems endeavour continues on that path, pointing the entire hair community in the right direction.

“It’s simple and easy and the clients love the fact that just by sitting in the salon getting their hair done something good is happening,” he said. “We are very excited about rolling out our plans as they come to fruition, and are optimistic about the future for the salons we service and the industry at large who we hope will engage with us to build a better future.

Amen to that.

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