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Beyonce’s 12 Best Hair Looks

It’s Queen Bey’s birthday tomorrow – giving us an excuse to fawn over her style and general awesomeness (unlike the other days, where we just do it without an excuse). Today we’re focussing on the fact that she can look flawless in nearly any hair style – and with her affinity for wigs and weaves, she’s basically proven that she really can pull off any look.

What have we learned from Bey’s rapidly adapting hair looks? Well, a good bob cut is irreplaceable, killer dreads are the best look we’ve never had and her awards night glamour game has us crazy in love (okay, we know, enough with the Beyoncé lyrics).


Which of these 12 looks will inspire your clients?

1. Whether it’s the platinum blonde colour or cute crown braid, this is an achievable, insta-glam client look.


2. Just like her sister Solange, Beyoncé knows the value of perfect curls.


3. Beyoncé gave us a sneak peak of a pixie cut on her Instagram back in 2013, and now we can safely say she would still look fierce if she was a boy (last lyric, we promise).


4. What Beyoncé hair gallery would be complete without this vintage dreads shot? The massive earrings are compulsory.


5. And while we’re there watch her masterfully evolve her braided style.


6. Seriously. This tribal aesthetic is oh-so-cool, and now we feel bad for mocking the big earrings because these ones totally work.


7. Now her hair is SPARKLING and we’re currently looking into whether she’s also a mermaid/fairy. 


8. #Bobspiration (that’s bob inspiration, just to be clear).


9. And this wob, smokey eye and red lip combo is similarly inspiring.


10. ‘Fro game on point.


11. This year’s famous Met Gala high pony. The legend goes that stylist Neil Farinah changed her original chignon to this look en route to the gala in an elevator. Hey, it works (and worse things have happened in an elevator).


12. Effortless red carpet elegance. Happy birthday Bey!

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