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bhave Rescue Treatment Reverses Damage

The Rescue treatment by bhave is a focused, targeted hair care treatment that relishes in hair health. The treatment employs raw natural keratin to undo the damage of chemical and environmental damage to the hair. With the product stocked in over 1000 Australian salons and expanding nationally, more and more salons are starting to prioritise hair health.

Rescue beauty shot

the bhave Rescue treatment achieves aesthetic and scientific results for hair health

The raw natural keratin in the treatment is derived from sheep wool in New Zealand and prides itself on being environmentally friendly and cruelty free. It is the first Australian brand to offer this technology, which delves deep into the internal structure of the hair in order to repair and strengthen its fibres.

The treatment is activated in a simple process. After washing the hair, the treatment is applied and placed under heat for about twenty minutes. The brand’s shampoos, conditioners, serums and other products further add to its nourishing affect. The products are free from salt and other chemicals that would diminish the effect of keratin smoothing treatments, which the brand offers, and the Rescue treatment uses minimal ingredients, in order to keep the hair light and lustrous.

The brand has a sure-fire way to ensure the aesthetic transformation complements their scientific results. Microscopic pictures are taken of the hair follicles, so it can be seen in close up that the treatment provides an effective restoration to damaged and overworked hair.

The treatment has been available for almost two years and continues to expand in popularity by the month. With a noticeable difference in feel and look to the health of the hair, it’s no wonder salons are jumping on board.

For more information visit or call 1300 40 20 64.

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