bhave’s 360 10 minute colour range puts the salon first, prioritising quality colour that’s unique, dynamic, multi-faceted, efficient and extremely profitable. This is particularly crucial in 2020, with the quick services increasing turnover in now limited salon capacities and giving staff extra time for various tasks such as sanitising the salon and putting hygiene first.

Efficiency is proving more crucial than ever in salon, with lengthy cleaning procedures added to the salon regimen and added space and client restrictions. Moreover, Melbourne salons will open soon with a myriad of colour corrections, coverage and colour services in general from clients who have been in lockdown, so quick, quality colour will be key. Enter bhave 360 enriched with their plant based keratin.

“Nothing compares with bhave’s products. Its true differentiator is the integrity of the hair, after application. Freshly coloured or bleached hair is noticeably in better condition than prior to treatment,” shared Sherri at Shear Innovations Queensland, who has experimented with a vast array of colour in her 20-year career. “Often my clients want to grow their hair but haven’t previously been able to but, with the aid of bhave 360, clients are able to colour and grow their hair longer and longer.”

The product allows for many services in one day, with a 10 minute processing time, meaning hairdressers can cater to more clients and free up some much needed time for business and personal purposes. This is ideal for all salons dealing with limited time, particularly those struggling to fit everything in due to stringent COVID-19 restrictions.

From a client perspective, walk-in clients can be catered to, last minute colour services are easy and your clients will be happy to spend less time in the chair – whether from a comfort and safety perspective, or just plan efficiency. It allows for late night appointments and salons to overhaul their whole salon schedules and menu.

“Honestly, once I started using the bhave 360 colour range, I noticed that coverage was excellent, and the condition of hair was healthier,” said Franca of Franca’s Hideout in Victoria, who has 34 years of hairdressing experience. “With the shorter leave-in time, clients were initially unsure they were getting the same results, however, were proved otherwise when the colour session was over. More importantly, many clients have expressed to me that they can feel the difference. From a business perspective, bhave 360 helps me service more people quicker due to the 10-minute processing time. Being able to move clients in and out; particularly during the COVID-19 restrictions will enable me to still take care of all my clients and also make up for lost revenue.”

The permanent (hybrid) hues are fast, reliable and, thankfully for your clients coming out of lockdown, offer full grey coverage, with 61 intermixable hues allowing for endless colour possibilities. Utilising hero plant-based keratin technology, the colours are long lasting, fade defying and ensure even results, enhancing hydration and elasticity and fighting frizz. Other benefits include anti-aging and conditioning properties, colour extension and softer, shinier and healthier hair.

The savvy product boasts unique reparative qualities, working with the micro-pigmented colour to actually elevate hair health, rather than weakening the hair and stripping it of its natural proteins, as colour often can. The results are luxury-style, natural looking colour finishes, with hair imbued with movement and vibrancy.

“I am hooked on the bhave colour range,” enthused veteran hairdresser and salon owner of 25 years Jackie of Jackie’s Hair Studio in Sydney. “bhave is not just a supplier, but rather a partner in the success of her business. New clients keep wanting to come back because they are thrilled with the coverage and incomparable quality of their hair. Through word of mouth and social media our community knows we offer superior colour and unmatchable keratin treatment, and the word is spreading.”

In 2020, anything that can make life and salon life easier is a winner – add in top-tier hues and stellar hair health, quality and colour results and bhave 360 is a genuine must-have, for hairdressers and clients.

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