Welcome Ibiza Hair tools, a range of brushes particularly beloved on America’s West Coast and with supreme editorial popularity. The range of brushes is a family run business under the reins of hairstylist Aaron Johles, with the specific aim of elevating the art of the blow-dry.

“If I had a nickel for every time a hairdresser said they disliked blow-drying hair until they discovered Ibiza brushes, I would have a gigantic jar of coins,” Aaron shared.

The brushes are based on the craft of hairdressing, built with an exclusive blend of natural boar and heat-resistant carbon fibre bristles and the brand’s original ‘Gripslip’ technology. This allows stylists to slip, twist and swirl the brush to create waves, curls, volume and smoothness without ripping, breaking or getting stuck. The tools come in a range of versatile collections that offer tailored styles and sizes to suit any styling need.

The brushes also support the environment by featuring a signature sustainable Mediterranean cork handle, which delivers a lightweight, supple and ergonomic hand feel with natural anti-microbial properties.

“I’ve been obsessed with Ibiza brushes since finding them in LA in 2016 and buying my first B3. Now they’re a staple in my kit and I cannot do any jobs without them. There isn’t anything else like them for craftsmanship and quality,” said celebrity hairstylist Dom Seeley.

Celebrity salons and hairdressers such as Chris McMillan Salon, Meche Salon and Andy Lecompte Salon in Beverly Hills and Hollywood swear by the tools, with international acclaim as well, especially since it launched in Australia earlier in 2021.

“The blonde series is perfect for the QUE girl as it’s designed for coloured hair and sensitive hair types. I love the extra shine you get from the blonde bristles and that they are super gentle for my delicate hair clients but deliver a long-lasting blow-dry,” said Monique McMahon of QUE Colour.

“Instead of using a curling iron, use a blow-dryer and twist lengths around with different sized round brushes like Ibiza’s round B series for looser, more natural bends,” added Chris McMillan, stylist to Jennifer Aniston.

A little taste of Hollywood at home, discover Ibiza.

For more information visit www.mcmbeauty.com