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Bravura by the UK F.A.M.E. Team for ghd

Appearing exclusively on the pages of INSTYLE’S July/August issue, Bravura, an ancient Hindi term for creative excellence and technical execution at its very best, came to life courtesy of the UK F.AM.E. Team.

FAME_UK_LOOK2_1776_edit_Leighanne ReganLOOK7_3085_edited

Leigh-Anne Regan imagery

Collaborating with styling giant ghd, Simon Tuckwell, Leigh-Anne Regan, Dafydd Rhys-Thomas and Ellenora Dean created two looks each, all with an air of sophistication worthy of the brand.

“I’m generally just trying to create a feeling with the model as opposed to a specific look,” Dean shared of her looks. “I’m working with how the hair wants to fall, working with hair that has a rawness and an edginess.”

FAME_UK_LOOK4_2725_edit_Simon TuckwellFAME_UK_LOOK8_3370_edited2

Simon Tuckwell imagery

Having been flown to Sydney for a hectic week of Hair Expo, the Bravura shoot was the perfect end to their Aussie adventure. Softening their naturally more avant-garde aesthetic, which was front and centre at the Generation Next show, the shoot was built around the concept of ‘less is more’. Shot in black and white, the images exuded a rich, timeless quality in their simplicity, aiming to evoke a conversation about the nature of creative excellence itself.

FAME_UK_LOOK6_3742_edit_Daffyd RhysLOOK1_2127_edited

Dafydd Rhys-Thomas imagery

“I want her to look like she’s just walked off a Tom Ford campaign,” said Regan of her model. “I want her to look sexy, premium but cool. I’m using really classic techniques, it’s all about prepping the hair to great quality and sculpting it in the direction you want it to go.”

FAME_UK_LOOK5_2888_edit_Ellenora DeanLOOK3_2395_edited

Ellenora Dean imagery

Astutely described by Simon Tuckwell as “capturing a moment in time”, the UK F.A.M.E. Team mastered the commercial side of editorial by partnering with ghd, on a stunning shoot made exclusively for INSTYLE.

Watch a behind the scenes video of the shoot below.


Hair: Simon Tuckwell, Leigh-Anne Regan, Dafydd Rhys-Thomas and Ellenora Dean
Photography: David Mannah
Art Direction: Andreas Stavrou and Bruno Marc Giamattie
Styling: Kaz Jones
Make up: Vanessa Collins

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