An apocalyptic themed collection won the award for Schwarzkopf Professional British Colour Technician of the Year at the British Hair Awards, merging images of tribal and animalistic palettes with a dystopian future. With colour by D & J Ambrose’s Clayde Baumann, the collection shows off vibrant oranges, varied brunettes and bold flashes of pink, green and blue to make its impact.

The collection is inspired by media trends, focussing on the economic recession and the theme of survival, which accounts for the new techniques that mimic fashion trends of camouflage and animal prints. This is drawn from popular movie culture, with films such as the Hunger Games, Fifth Element and Tank Girl making their thematic appearance. Clayde wished to explore metamorphosis and evolution in his collection, with the images seemingly shifting between eras and generations.

Fiery orange can be seen as Clayde’s representation of a ‘climactic environment’, a symbol of a changing world, while the fusion of greens and bronzes brings military ideas to life. Shiny, white lips point to a futurities aesthetic, paired with intense gold or copper hair, while the contrast of big Avant Garde shapes with more modern cuts becomes the depiction of passing time.

By presenting his own take on modern media trends and creating a conceptual account of our changing eras, from tribal ages to a dystopian future, Clayde showcased just how much can be said with colour. Well done.


Colour: Clayde Baumann
Hair Styling: Darren Ambrose
Make Up: Lan Nguyen
Clothes Stylist: Jackie Ambrose
Photographer: Gary Nunn