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British Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Collection

Male styling can be just as enthralling as the other women’s editorial collections on show, proved Jamie Stevens with his winning collection. Awarded Men’s Hairdresser of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards, Jamie played with traditionally feminine details such as braids, buns and even a heart-inspired shape to create an androgynous collection that wowed the judges.

“For my collection I wanted to play with an androgynous theme throughout, showcasing looks that feature feminine elements but finished with a masculine feel,” Jamie explained. “My main focus was to create structure in an unstructured setting using bold overall shapes with contradictory texture and finishing.”

Cuts ranging from clean, preppy crops, to lustrous, wild locks were included, while culturally inspired Samurai shapes and afros sat side by side, styled with innovative twists that created new and unexpected shapes. We love the intricate braided look (paired with an all-too-trendy and perfectly clippered beard) that masters male editorial, while strange and original takes on classic short cuts will be your male clients’ new obsessions.

Well done Jamie for your adventurous styling, showing us once again that men can have more fun.


Hair by: Jamie Stevens
Products: Matrix
Photographer: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Dragon
Styling: Rikki Finley











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