The new cool kid in men’s grooming has arrived. Fittingly the edgy brand was concocted in the back of a Melbourne pub, and has now become a rapidly burgeoning salon brand just one year later.

Burly Fellow launch

Burly Fellow is the brain child of Aaron Trotman and Chris Morton, a men’s grooming and skincare line made with the purpose of prioritising ingredients and integrity. A Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Paste round out the haircare side of things. Presented in tins, bottles and even flasks, this is a range set to have your male clients enthusiastic about men’s styling.

Burly Press10
Aaron and Chris

Another major priority of the brand is men’s mental health – something both Aaron and Chris have struggled with. As such, the brand has teamed up with beyondblue to help promote issues of depression and anxiety, donating profits to the cause. They aim to reduce the stigma of talking about men’s emotional health, by breaking down stereotypes – men can have killer beards, rock a moisturiser and show their emotions. Hear, hear.

Burly Press20

The products come in four scents – aptly named after manly men: Huck, the simple gentleman, Vincent, the no-fuss guy, Montgomery, the hard-worker and Frederick, the everyday bloke. These fragrances are intermittently divided into beard oils and balms. Hero products include a glass bottled beard oil, combatting dry skin and unruly beards in its sophisticated packaging. The silver hip-flask encased beard oil is another creative take on the classic product.


Launching at a trendy South Yarra event late last month, and making its way into Melbourne salons at the moment, the world is Burly Fellow’s oyster. How else can we tackle issues of mental health and unruly facial hair without beard oil in a hip flask?


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