Giving Tuesday, that’s next week November 30, is coming up and celebrated philanthropic hair industry platform Hair Aid is making the most of the day. Supporting this global generosity movement, the organisation asks you to buy a braid to help their cause.

On Giving Tuesday Krystal-lee White will have 87 braids created in her hair and each braid is being sold off to help Hair Aid raise money to support 87 Hair Aid Community Cuts locations throughout Australia.

The event will be MCed by hair legend Benni Tognini, who will shave each braid while acknowledging each braid purchaser. Braids will then be donated to Real Fringe Hair Bands, creating a hair band for an oncology or alopecia patient from Krystal-lee’s 60cm of hair.

“Hair Aid Community Cuts has been growing and growing and it’s time for us to restock our resources and pay for insurances for all 87 locations. Your generous support will help us do this,” Hair Aid said. “We are asking you to help us give back, and helping us continue to help others.”

You or your organisation can buy a braid or a set of braids to support the work of Hair Aid, in their aim to raise $8700 to pay for equipment and insurance for their various important locations.

Donate now and be a part of this fantastic initiative.

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