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Can You Be The Next Future Creative?

Let us set the scene โ€“ spotlight on you, crowds screaming your name, the view from high up on the stage as you tour to an audience that will total more than 40 000 hairdressing professionals nation-wide (note: name-screaming cannot be guaranteed).

This is what awaits you if you are successful in the Future Creative 2016 competition. If you are the next Future Creative you will work exclusively with The Future Creatives Team, who will provide behind-the-scenes support including admin, marketing and event coordination for the aforementioned major tour.

TFC Drawn_Trans_BLACK

A Brand Ambassador contract, education print and digital workbook, photoshoot, digital media campaign, industry magazine exposure, workshop tour of the collection and product development input role all await the winner.

Basically, you can be a star.

You can enter into categories of Cut Portfolio and Colour Portfolio, by clicking on the link and pressing Enter Now (obviously). Then, fill out the entry form, submit a link to your editorial work and list up to three of your best, styles, techniques and/or looks.

thefuturecreatives FCBK Banner

The competition closes on the last day in February โ€“ giving you plenty of time to showcase your abilities and give yourself a shot to take centre stage.

Good luck!

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