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Canberra Hairdresser To Climb Kilimanjaro for a Cause

Hairdresser, award-winner and owner of Canberra salon Bond Hair Religion Jenni Tarrant can soon add a fair few more titles to that ever-expanding list. Try ‘mountaineer’, and ‘philanthropist’, two words not often associated with the salon world. However, Jenni is stepping out of the salon to climb two of Africa’s highest mountains, and what’s more; she’s doing it to help some truly worthy causes.

In June of this year, Jenni will climb the two highest mountains in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Through this impressive task, she will raise money for two worthwhile charities, Braveheart, a national organisation, and Canberra Lifeline, a local charity, both which protect Australian children from sexual assault.

Jenni Tarrant - Bond Hair Religion

Jenni Tarrant

Jenni has been raising funds for these groups for several years, drawing on her own experiences of child sexual abuse, and turning her own terrible experiences into an inspiring platform to help society. Statistics from Braveheart show that one in five Australian children will be a victim of sexual abuse, a truly unacceptable statistic that Jenni is helping to counteract.

By climbing the African peaks, Jenni will both raise money and empower other victims with her own story of survival and incredible success. This isn’t the first time Jenni has pushed herself to raise funds for charity. In 2013, Jenni completed the Kokoda Track in five days, raising $15, 000 just six weeks prior to her trek.

“While I would love to raise money by sitting on my backside, the truth is that you need to do something beyond most people’s experiences and comfort zone to raise money these days,” Jenni said. “The stark reality is that sexual abuse is happening in our suburbs. One in five Australian children suffer this heinous abuse. Let’s educate, listen and see what is happening in our own backyards.”

Jenni Tarrant - Kokoda Track (2013)

Jenni on the Kokoda Track

It’s time for the hairdressing community to rally around Jenni and support these causes. While we’re not asking you to scale any mountains, you can donate to Jenni’s campaign. All proceeds will go towards the charities, not towards the expedition, which Jenni is financing herself. To thank you for this donation, your name or the name of your organisation will be written on a flag that Jenni will place at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Let’s fit as many salons on that flag as we can and help reach Jenni’s target of $30, 000!

To donate, visit, enter ‘Jenni’s African Mountain; into the search field and click the donate button.

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