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Cara Delevingne Goes Platinum Blonde

Cara Delevingne doesn’t have to walk the runways of Paris Fashion Week to grab the spotlight – the model turned actress made hair headlines from the streets. Cara was first spotted with Kendall Jenner with a new platinum blonde bordering on silver white shade for her usually-fair locks, and has now been spotted with the new look all around Paris.

Cara has rocked an array of different looks for professional purposes (blunt bobs and interesting braids on set and runways) and personal experimentation (last year’s short hair cut and her turn to pink in 2015 stand out). While Cara has made use of wigs and hairpieces in the past, this (seemingly authentic) hair change marks her most dramatic hair transformation yet.

This new look – paired with gold eyes, a striped suit and her famous statement brows, and worn in an asymmetrical, dead-straight bob with a braid on one side for the look’s debut – is another bold hair move that has made international headlines and will reach your clients – expect them to come to the salon inspired!

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