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Cara Delevingne Goes Rose Gold

Cara Delevingne has an upcoming movie role that necessitated she shave her head – as such, her 2017 hair journey has been one to watch, with the actress experimenting with adventurous hair looks before, during and after shaving off all her hair. Her latest take on the pixie cut is an alluring rose gold hue, combined with grey tones for the perfect mash-up of three major trends (rose gold, grey and short hair).

Cara’s interesting and trend-setting 2017 hair journey started with the star opting for a platinum bob before she cropped her hair short and then shaved it off entirely. She then revolutionised the shaved look by rocking it at red carpet events and painting her head silver and dressing as sci-fi personified to the 2017 Met Gala. Since growing the look out she’s worn an elegant platinum pixie cut, utilised metallic accents and even worn a sculptured hair piece creation that we still can’t quite wrap our heads around (pun intended). Really the looks are best witnessed visually – observe.

Platinum bob…   

Silver at the Met Gala…

Blonde and short…


And this sculptural creation.

However, her latest look, on the press tour for her movie Valerian, is particularly trendy, bold and relevant to your clients – with the rose gold pixie cut picking up on the latest hues currently in fashion. Grey detailing at the back (as shared by the star’s hairdresser Mara Roszak on Instagram) works within the increasingly popular Granny Hair Trend for peak levels of cool.

It’s becoming a full-time job just following Cara’s every hair move and reporting it back to interested salons and intrigued clients, but we aren’t complaining. We’ll be sure to deliver to you the next piece of Cara hair news, undoubtedly very soon. In the meantime, Cara, who previously tended to play it safe with her long blonde locks, is now something of a risk-taking role-model to your clients, who don’t need the excuse of a movie role to change things up. Short and rose gold seems the ideal place to start.

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