We all know winter is the time for your clients to really opt for vibrant, colourful hair to brighten up dreary weather, and the Internet has discovered another hair trend to do just that. Meet Cereal Hair, otherwise known and hastagged as Fruity Pebbles Hair, named for a retro, Flinstones-inspired American brand of cereal, much like Fruit Loops.

#CerealHair or #FruityPebblesHair consists of bright hues such as a hot pink base at the roots, with yellow, orange, purple and green added at will. Often the underside is left natural or brunette to make the bold cereal colours stand out even further – you can think of it as the ‘milk’ to the contrasting colourful cereal.

The trend has so far been featured on online publications such as Allure, PopSugar, Bustle, HelloGiggles and more – making it a bona fide colour trend.

This leaves us with two major questions – will your clients try this trend this season? And what on earth will the internet think of next?