Jimmy Rod’s Shave Saloon, Bar and Kitchen is more than the sum of its parts – parts that are varied and impressive in their own right. Part barbershop, part eatery, part bar (the name should make that fairly obvious), the Brisbane CBD-set establishment is also the 12th salon in the Jimmy Rod brand and indicative of its future as the chain’s new flagship store.


“I wanted to mix up, I want to test myself,” the eponymous Jimmy Rod shared. “Barbershops for us now are kind of second nature, we know what guys want, so it’s more of a challenge to test ourselves to get into something a bit different. So I thought ‘what’s better than whiskey, beer and haircuts? And why not put them together?’”

The barbershop is the continuation of the Jimmy Rod empire, with more of a focus on the hospitality industry. Seating 60 patrons and incorporating a full service bar and kitchen menu, the establishment puts the five-chair barbershop as a feature in the back. While his previous franchises have often included alcohol, and even a café, this one puts the most emphasis on the food and beverage element.


“We have a killer Reuben sandwich, that’s kind of our signature dish, we do coffee as well, so people come in and have their meetings, you don’t have to go in there and get a haircut, it’s not based around that, we want people to come in and have a drink after work, Frida’s are always pretty packed already,” Jimmy shared. Beer, wine and a world-class cocktail menu have also been instrumental in enticing a mostly corporate clientele through the flagship salon’s glass doors.


Still, don’t count the barbershop area out. The hairdressing facet is Jimmy’s background – he’s been barbering since he was 16 and owned his first salon by 21 – and as such, the barbering facet still feels like a highlight. The salon team’s signature cut throat shaves are always in high demand while every look from classic Don Draper-esque cuts to messy textured styles, working with both short hair and long hair, are part of their extensive repertoire. The team describe themselves as ‘modern barbers’, renowned for their classic work with the ability to be progressive.

Weekends at the salon are now centred around a very important tradition and new business initiative – with bucks parties coming in for some necessary pampering. “It’s a big thing now, we’re having bucks parties and grooms parties so a lot of the guys coming in get shaves and haircuts before they get married,” Jimmy explained. “They can come in, drink some beers, have a shave, get a tidy up and then get married, and it’s a bonding event for the guys that are coming in, so we’re going to base our Saturdays around that.” We’re on board – why should pre-wedding luxury be exclusive to the ladies?


This old school-style treat and those classic trademark looks suits the vintage ‘20s, 30s New York and Chicago’ aesthetic of the establishment perfectly. Wary of becoming too much of a one-note franchise, Jimmy ensures all his salons have their own identity, so that fans of one particularly Jimmy Rod salon will be keen to check out the others. This particular establishment is comprised of suave leather chairs – brown in the restaurant and black in the barbershop – and green tiles for detail in the salon and bar. While the restaurant section has a somewhat rustic, wooden feel to it, the barbershop keeps it clean and white. Glass panelling and full-length windows expand the space, creating an overall vibe Jimmy praises for its uniqueness.


Branded ‘the hipster barbershop’ (although Jimmy swears they’re not really that hipster), Jimmy Rod’s Shave Saloon, Bar and Kitchen draws on Jimmy’s incomparable experience owning salons, while focusing on the company’s new appreciation for hospitality. With salons set up all over the country – from regional areas to Australia’s major cities – Jimmy has big plans to introduce new barbershops, eateries and flagship salons within the coming months and years.

Look out for the next cool-kid hang out, inevitably coming to your area very soon.

For more information visit jimmyrods.com.au/locations/the-shave-saloon-bar-kitchen