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Christophe Robin Launches Hair Finish Lotions

Held at Surry Hill’s (hair) colour mecca QUE Colour salon, an intimate gathering of beauty media indulged in a breakfast inspired by the products in point; welcome Christophe Robin’s new Hair Finish Lotions.

QUE_CR Launch_Event-8

Hosted by QUE colour salon owner and Australian distributor of Christophe Robin, Monique McMahon, beyond the direct affiliation it was a pairing of perfect sense based on each brand’s specialist approach to colour.

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“While many people get confused and think that Christophe Robin is a colour brand (supplier), it’s not, it’s a product line designed to support and care for professional hair colour,” explained Monique of the deep care and treatment line making technician’s role around the world easier, daily.

Synonymous with the hashtag #nudehair, the brand is taking a boutique approach to distribution in Australia. Monique, passionate about maintaining that element of exclusivity, has elected to align with likeminded salons and professionals first and foremost.

An ethos driven by the Christophe Robin way – carefully considered formulas and ingredients making for some of the globe’s most loved products, cue the Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil that sits as one of the world’s best-selling professional treatments.

QUE_CR Launch_Event-24

Proving no exception are new products Regenerating, Purifying and Brightening Hair Finish Lotions, three additions taking a bow to age old traditions. Some ingredients were just meant for the beauty counter.

QUE_CR Launch_Event-16

“In a personal drive towards better health and wellbeing, I consulted several nutritionists who surprised me by suggesting the daily consumption of vinegar mixed with water. This is how I discovered ‘le vinaigre des quatre voleurs’ (Four Thieves Vinegar) and the benefits of this unique drink that has been used for centuries,” said Christophe.

The new motivation drove Christophe to study the cosmetic properties of vinegar – he and his team researching traditionally inspired formulas to create a product that fits the current needs of men and women.

“I have created three finishing lotions with botanical vinegars whose components have been specifically selected for their beneficial effects on the hair and skin. A Regenerating Hair Finish Lotion with pure Hibiscus vinegar for fragile or sensitive hair, a Purifying option with pure vinegar of Mediterranean herbs for greasy hair, and lastly, a Brightening lotion with pure fruit vinegar and chamomile extracts to bring resistance and shine to lighter hair,” he explained.

QUE_CR Launch_Event-5

Perhaps some of the market’s more versatile products, each Hair Finish Lotion can be used in a multitude of ways – apply as a shampoo or conditioner or as a final touch from the scalp to tips. Ready to love and illuminate natural or coloured hair, Christophe guarantees instant shine and lightness as well as a clear and durable feeling of comfort for the scalp in the ultimate gift of #nudehair.

We approve.

For more information visit (02) 9331 4444

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