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Christophe Robin Visits Australia to Educate and Meet Salons

Luxury haircare brand Christophe Robin had their namesake on our shores last week, when the hairdressing legend included Australia as the last stop on his hairdressing tour. After travelling through Asia and personally introducing salons to the brand’s new hydrating products, Christophe stopped by Edwards and Co. Surry Hills for an elegant brunch and education event all in one.

Christophe Robin and Monique McMahon

The exclusive group of salons (and prospective salons) that stock the French brand travelled from all over the country to meet the bona fide hair celebrity in person. Their takeaways, after a whole morning of education, basin-side demonstrations and intimate question and answer opportunities, showcased the brand in its truest form. From our perspective, Christophe Robin, both the man and the brand, highlighted a specific emphasis on care and quality as paramount to the brand.

“I compare it to makeup – before you do makeup you’re going to take a little bit of time to take good care of your skin so that the makeup will last you all day,” Christophe shared. “Sometimes the salons are in too much of a rush, so I explain to them how to take good care of the hair before colouring it for the result to be much longer lasting.”

“I don’t do styling products – a lot of brands on the market are stylists’ brand, they are really good for stylist results, but we have another way of thinking, you have to be a real challenger, I don’t care to be trendy, what I want to do is have women in comfort, it’s all about long-term results,” he continued.

Christophe walked through his absolute favourite products from the range – his two original products, the Cleansing Mask with Lemon and Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender remain unsurpassable (“I adore them, they are the game changers for destroyed hair,” he explained), while more recently, the Regenerating Plant Oil with Rare Prickly Pear Oil and Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, have become cult picks, especially when it comes to issues of the scalp.

In his particularly Parisian manner, Christophe Robin is involved only with creating luxury products that work – no fanfare. In fact, he first created the products for his own use, after discovering the power of quality hair as an apprentice in the French countryside and making it to Paris and the editorial big-time (Kate Moss was a major advocate) while still in his teens. While seeking out products to help and care for colour-treated hair, he couldn’t find any, so he simply concocted them. Decades and a global obsession later, and Christophe Robin (again, the man and the brand) stood enthralling Australian salons at a Sydney brunch.

“I don’t consider myself as a product seller, at first I created this product for my own usage, I’m a hair colourist, I’m not a stylist – so I’m not giving them tips and tricks,” Christophe said. “It’s like sharing a cooking recipe, when you want to cook for your friends, it pleases you to see when they eat well, for me it’s like that, its pleasing to see when I help other hairdressers.”

Christophe has been to Australia many times and continues to sing its praises, lauding both the place itself and the small but thriving Christophe Robin community Monique McMahon of Que Colour has built through sheer passion, commitment and a discerning eye – not every salon can sell Christophe Robin, but the elite group of luxe salons that take it on, embrace it whole-heartedly.

It’s part of the Christophe Robin DNA, that has them doing thing entirely their own way, driven by their commitment to hair quality and longevity above anything else. As Christophe explains it, the brand isn’t so concerned with being on editorial and photo shoot sets, as other haircare companies may be, they aim to tell their story in more detailed fashion.

“We don’t care so much to work with session stylists because session is one day, we work on movies where you have to keep your hair clean and keep the same colour for three months for continuity, we work a lot with movie sets and stylists because it’s more of a long term thing,” he said.

As a global educator, Christophe has identified international hair issues (“all over the world there are the same concerns – longevity, scalp issues and comfort during the application) and, as always, through product innovation and education, is creating the ways to fix them. He aims to take control of hair education back from those on social media who teach consumers the incorrect information, working with salons to put their focus back once again on hair quality, care and comfort, for better and longer-lasting results.

With inimitable knowledge that comes from incomparable experience, Christophe Robin’s unique worldview is one that was well worth taking the time to absorb on a Monday morning. Christophe, make sure you don’t leave it long between visits.

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