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Cirque Collection

An abstract recreation of more literal circuses, Travis Bandiera of Royals Hair used shape, colour and photographic techniques to take the circus concept into an entirely new dimension, with the CIRQUE collection.

“CIRQUE is loosely based on the ringleaders and performers I used to see in circus as a child. I was an avid ‘carnie kid’ and would regularly attend circuses with my mum,” Travis shared. “I wanted to create my own circus, with all the characters in the collection playing a specific role and having a specific personality.”

With the aim of creating a uniquely beautiful aesthetic, Travis structured the lighting so that it would feel like the circus performers were standing under the bright lights of the circus tent, while keeping the landscape white and drawing focus to the vivid hair looks.

“No texture throughout the background and clean and white lighting highlights the styling and makeup. The lighting should be like a light shining on the ‘performer’,” Travis said. “I wanted the images to have a dramatic feel, so using a sharp and hard finish on the photo creating no distractions so the viewer will centralise and focus on the hair.”

Structural and theatrical fashion pieces (think materials of leather, velour and latex) and futuristic makeup, including whitened eyebrows and bold lips, finished the look.

“I was drawn to the makeup having a futuristic and abstract feel. The models had to have minimal to no colour throughout their skin tones, with the faces being airbrushed and covered with white powder, essentially taking all natural pigmentations and colouring out of the skin,” Travis explained.

“I wanted to increase the contouring on the models’ faces to strengthen the angles and high cheek bones in the chosen models’ features,” he continued. “This would add to my hairstyles I have chosen as they all have strong shapes and angles throughout them.”

See the full collection below.


Photographer: Daniel Knott
MUA: Karina Marchetta
Stylist: Angela Liang
Hair: Travis Bandiera

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