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Clipp-Aid Blade Sharpener

Clipp-Aid, the new blade sharpening technology from AM Williams, is a simple and easy way to sharpen metal clipper and trimmer blades in salon.

Clipp Aid Full Set new

Using specially formulated crystals made of natural ingredients, Clipp-Aid will bring dull blades back to life. To use, just run the blades of a clipper or trimmer through the crystals for one to two minutes.

Clipp-Aid can be used on all blade types and includes a special formulation specifically designed for more sensitive trimmer blades.

If blades are in poor condition or are very dull, simply use two or three sachets in a row. Once sharpened, you only need to use Clipp-Aid every two to four weeks to keep the blades sharp and in top condition.

Being able to sharpen blades quickly in salon means you can keep your clippers and trimmers in good condition, resulting in a better haircut for the client and an easier job for you.

For more information about Clipp-Aid call (02) 9666 5955.

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