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Cloud Nine and Prema Style Harper’s Bazaar in Bloom

Individuality was key in Harper Bazaar’s philanthropic runway event Bazaar in Bloom. 30 designers supplied one couture fashion look each, while Hair Director Michele McQuillan led Dale Delaporte and the Prema team in creating distinct hair looks based on four conceptual hair designs.


Held at the always-trendy Coogee Pavillion, the two tangible themes of the evening were, obviously, a heavy emphasis on flowers (‘in bloom’ is the hint) and a vintage 1920s, 30s feel that pervaded the show room aesthetic. From there the Cloud Nine and Prema team constructed four very different but ultimately vintage inspired looks – a Victorian hair-sewn style, 1920s and 30s finger waves with a heavy dose of gel and distinctive braids, hair wraps and retro bob-style wigs. The team then expanded on these premises by individualising each look to suit the fashion and the girl.


“There’s a romantic look, which is the hair down, we put a bit of texture in the hair and then used the Cloud Nine curling wand to put a bit more a curl through it,” Michele explained of the fashionable first look. “We then sewed it irregularly with some clear thread just so it had shape close to the head and then tied it off with some ribbon.”


The finger waves were heavily gelled and modernised through different braids – plaits, braided buns, dual braids and other styles were used to add a twist at the back of the look. While many of the looks were adorned by head pieces and other accessories, the head wraps were particularly defined by the close ribbon wrapping and milliners mesh on top.


“For the wig looks, we gelled the hair underneath for a close head shape,” Michele explained of the final look. “We cut the wigs prior, so we only had to tweak them on the girls. The wigs are little 20s bobs, like Louise Brooks. They’re mainly black and grey, and we’ve also put headbands on them to make them a bit more modern.”

With conceptual designers such as Zimmermann, Dion Lee, Alex Perry, Camilla and Marc, Ginger and Smart and dozens of others providing one couture look for the occasion, the creativity allowed for hair and makeup was inspiring, and synergy between the teams was vital.


In makeup, three different looks once again provided the basis, which then allowed for tailoring based on each model. “The first is a strong matte lip, inspired by all the flowers in the show room. We’ve pared down the eye and given strength and a nudge towards the 20s to the eyebrow with a soft line, while ultimately making the lip the statement,” said makeup artist Victoria Baron, using MAC Cosmetics.

“The second look is a little darker with a deep lip and dusty tones on the eye, it’s quite a strong look but it lets the girl shine through,” she continued. “The last look uses a blue paint pot brushed all over the eyes, as there’s a lot of blues throughout the collections. It is finished with dewy skin and summery, peachy cheeks”.

With makeup artists and hair stylists given free reign, it’s no wonder Prema International Creative Director Dale Delaporte, who is currently based in New York, travelled back home for an event that prized creativity.


“I’ve worked with Michele quite a lot in the last five years, so when I found out we were working with Michele and Cloud Nine I thought it would be a good idea for me to come back for this,” Dale shared. “It seemed like a great opportunity to marry Michele and Prema together and have the opportunity for our team to work with such an amazing hair stylist.” With Michele at the helm, the Prema stylists were encouraged to follow their vision and create individuality in the looks – a rare and valued brief in the world of backstage styling.


Dale Delaporte and Michele McQuillan

With all funds from the show going towards Fertility Research Centre at The Royal Hospital for Women in NSW, Bazaar in Bloom went creative, conceptual and couture for a cause. Inspiring in more ways than one.


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