Caring for the planet is a crucial component of haircare juggernaut Cloud Nine, which created their pioneering hair styling tool recycling scheme in 2019 and remains constantly on the forefront of global environmental initiatives. They recently further celebrated these beliefs on Global Recycling Day on March 18.

The brand’s recycling scheme allows users to recycle old straighteners, curling wands and hairdryers, regardless of the brand, free of charge. All parts that can be recycled are removed and separated from the tools, which are then shredded and broken down back into their raw materials and sent for smelting and used in manufacturing. The scheme is unique in the industry and speaks to the brand’s sense of global responsibility, saving thousands of tools from landfill, with the goal of eventually saving 1.5 million hair styling tools from landfill.

Users can participate in this process by completing an online form and downloading a pre-paid postage label, placing their tool in secure packaging and mailing it to the brand, who then look after the rest of the recycling process. The tool is collected at Cloud Nine HQ by the brand’s waste management partners, who take it back to their facility to be manually depolluted.

Committing to this ethos daily, Cloud Nine extended this environmental support even further on Global Recycling Day, offering every user who recycled their old hair tools on this day a free eco-friendly water bottle, and removing one plastic bottle from ocean-going waste through CleanHub for every bottle given.

This initiative is just one of many sustainably minded protocols that show Cloud Nine’s planetary commitment. The brand is plastic responsible in their partnership with Cleanhub to help rid the oceans of plastic waste. CleanHub works with a global network of waste specialists to recover and safely dispose of plastic before it reaches oceans, helping to reduce stats that see 11 million tonnes of plastic ending up in oceans yearly, to the great detriment to marine life. The brand’s Magical Quick Dry Potion or Amplify Spray financially supports the work of CleanHub.

Cloud Nine also works with Green Worms, a waste specialist organisation that performs door-to-door collection services in southern India, which is a gateway for 80 per cent of waste that enters waterways. The organisation offers employment to women from underprivileged backgrounds to help the environment through their efforts and offer them a professional platform.

Cloud Nine further supports the environment with low carbon shipping methods to reduce their carbon footprint.

The brand has also partnered with a World Land Trust verified print supplier since 2012, to ensure all paper used is 100 per cent carbon balanced, and recycled paper is chosen wherever possible. This has contributed to the preservation of 16,000 acres of land and helped to balance over 169,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Another imperative partnership is with Ecologi, which partners with climate projects to offset carbon emissions and build forests globally. Cloud Nine helps the organisation to plant trees in the UK and Australia and is one of the top 20 brand supporters of the initiative.

Cloud Nine continues to prove its environmental ethos daily, but celebrations such as World Recycling Day provide a little time to stop and smell the ever-growing roses.

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