Overlooking the incomparable tide at Bondi Beach, haircare brand Cloud Nine and fashion label Love Stories collaborated on the Swim Club campaign of must-have swim fashion pieces. The fashion brand is known for their personal, romantic and stylish approach to fashion, and Cloud Nine Creative Director Lauren McCowan styled hair to suit that wearable, aspirational theme.

“We kept it quite simple and believable by championing each girl’s natural beauty and existing hair texture,” Lauren shared. “The hair look was completely organic and we even lightly sprayed the hair with spray sunscreen, to give it that ‘straight off the sand’, slight stick and grit, that you would naturally accrue from a day at the beach.”

Sydney weather is so impressive that even right now in the middle of winter, your clients might still be heading to the beach, but even if they aren’t, they probably want to look like they are. No matter where you are, and whatever the season is, allow your clients to look like the very picture of the Bondi girl with perfect texture and these hair looks below.

Loose Braid and Textured Waves:

1. Part hair in the middle and spray hair with evo’s Day of Grace hair primer.

2. Using the Cloud Nine Wand, emphasise the hair’s natural curl, shape and bends by wrapping hair around the various widths of the shaft and changing direction as needed.

3. Leaving a few strands loose at the front, around the face, using fingers, section off enough hair to create a medium sized braid and start braiding hair, directing it backwards. Repeat on the right side.

4. Take both braids and using bobby pins, secure at the back of the head, allowing the braid/halo to hang down slightly.

5. Spritz hair with evo’s Salty Dog and once hair has dried, texturise hair by rubbing between fingers.

Soft Effortless Waves:

1. Spray hair with evo’s Day of Grace and using evo’s round Bruce brush, blow dry the roots only, turning the brush at the roots, to give maximum volume.

2. Using the Cloud Nine Wand, wrap sections of hair around the thickest part of the shaft, to create larger waves, as opposed to using the smallest part, which would create a tighter curl.

3. Flip hair upside down and spray with evo’s Builders Paradise for a flexible hold.

4. Using evo’s Conrad brush, lightly brush out the curls and then spritz hair with evo’s Salty Dog and allow to dry.

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