Botanica by Collective Space has launched on the Gold Coast, becoming the region’s largest freelance co-working salon space, to embolden independent hairdressers within an inspiring, creative and collaborative environment that fuels artistry, offers convenience, space and amenities to thrive and fuses independence with community.

“Botanica came from visiting salons over time and seeing that hairdressers didn’t have much space to work and be creative,” shared the space’s owner Linda Abboud. “I saw salons which had the bare minimum for staff, including a tiny back room for mixing, laundry and making coffee and next to no storage. I feel that employers need to invest in their employees and freelancers and make the work space more inviting and accommodating.”

“I hear too often that freelance hairdressers are not happy where they are or held back when they are in smaller salons and not able to utilise their other skills including makeup if they have an employed makeup artist,” she continued. “What we have created is a dedicated space with room to move, including a colour room with lockable storage for all tools and trolleys, a lunch room, a separate laundry and a complimentary coffee bar.”

The salon space is seeped in a relaxing ambiance, with an industrial luxe aesthetic built through natural raw elements such as concrete, woods and rattan surrounded in lush greenery. 

“The aesthetic offers raw organic surfaces such as concrete and wood with hints of gold detail,” Linda said. “It has concrete floors throughout with a custom front counter and beautifully treated wood for the centre 10m dividing table, with offcuts used for shelving for the organic range of hair care and within the coffee bar area. It also has gold accents including laser cut gold metal lettering for the wall at the reception and simple brushed gold light fittings for the 30 pendant lights at each hair station.”

The main entry door is the first feature clients see when they arrive, standing as a huge custom pivot door that has been chemically treated to create a unique rust weathered finish. The whole space is constructed with a fresh colour balance that offers a sense of light neutrality.

The space is dedicated to freelance hairdressers who want to work to their own schedules and rates, offering them the freedom to create and grow. The ideal partner includes freelance, mobile, home or even salon hairdressers looking for a change, a space, a home or a community to build their own business. While it becomes home for the hairdressers, it’s undoubtedly a haven for clients as well.

“Clients will feel pampered from the moment they walk in being greeted by our friendly, professional concierge staff and shown to one of two relaxing waiting areas,” Linda said. “Our spacious hair stations with large back lit mirrors and laydown cleansing beds with head rests are guaranteed to make their experience memorable. A complimentary coffee bar is equipped with a professional coffee machine for any coffee requested, treats and sparkling on tap. They will not want to leave.”

Amenities include TheLab, the room for colour mixing with lockable storage for tools and technologies, and the CoffeeBar’s assortment of supplied treats. The space has 30 workstations and eight basins, as well as the Relax Room for the professional hairdressers to unwind. All electricity, free WiFi and a laundry are also included.

“We’re creating a welcoming environment that lets hairdressers express their creativity and utilise the space without feeling like the outsider in a employee dominant salon, as well as providing secure facilities to accommodate their products and equipment, something which can be lacking in smaller salons,” Linda said. “We believe a workplace should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing with a supportive culture to perform at your best. Botanica is a place to call home.”

Discover this bold concept, thoughtful space and burgeoning community ready to welcome you home on the Gold Coast, in Botanica.

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