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Coachella 2017: 6 Major Hair Trends

As has been decided in style media publications worldwide, and now realised in practice at the current Coachella festival, flower crowns are finally ‘out’, and with such a major trend leaving a hole in the craze landscape, festival-goers are trying to find the new big hair trend to fill it.

We have our own suggestions of what’s taking over the trending festival hair circuit, so that you can be well prepared when your clients ask for your styling advice, your colour expertise or your cutting skills to prepare them for the upcoming festival season. Permanent, temporary, subtle, bold, classic and innovative trends abound – take a look.

1. Candy Coloured Hair

If your clients did want to go to extremes for festival season and actually colour their hair, candy colour (and a healthy dose of neon if they choose to be so bold) are in, as per festival queen Kylie Jenner. The trend has even been called ‘the new flower crown’, and therefore the festival’s trending epicentre, by Vogue.

Kylie’s neon green look has proved the stylistic headliner of Coachella, but many other concert-goers (even those of the famous variety) have played with soft pinks, purples and other playful colours throughout the festival. Here’s the excuse your client needed to try a fun new hue.


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2. Wigs

For the clients that don’t want to commit as much, wigs are another trend taking off (again, led by noted wig champion Kylie Jenner). Changing hair between various colourful tones day by day is now commonplace in a week-long festival – give your clients the products and knowledge to follow suit.

3. Alternative flower placements

The Internet has moved on from flower crowns, but not flowers in general. More subtle and interesting flower placements, such as flowers in braids as a prime example, is a timeless trend that continues on.

4. Knots

It’s not all about braids – knots, multiple knots and double knots (referred to in the festival sphere as ‘space buns’ and making their return from last year’s trend list) have all been a trend in a big way at Coachella, becoming the ideal encapsulation of stylised, playful, messy-girl hair (that doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance while your clients are in the mosh pit trenches). Throw in last year’s trend of the moment – glitter roots – to take it to the next tier.

5. Short hair

The long, flowing hair synonymous with the concertgoers of yesteryear isn’t necessarily gospel anymore. Celebrities such as Halsey and Katy Perry are rocking short hair and even undercuts at the festival – ensuring your clients can undertake a chop even if they do have an upcoming festival ticket.

6. Half head braids

Dual braids will always be in style, but this year has given rise to a new, subtle trend, for the clients that seek to be on trend without drastic hair variations. The half head braid leaves half the hair straight, long and flowing and ties up the other half of the hair in a half head braid. Add a flower to it and your clients are good to go!

Which trends will your clients love?

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