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Coachella Collection

Inspired by the floral, dreamlike qualities of the 60s, colourist Adam Isles and stylist Daniella Barca, both of Rokk Ebony, present the Coachella collection. Conveying the image of drinking cocktails by the pool in Palm Springs several decades ago, the collection utilises subtle contrasts and bold techniques to leave a lasting impact.

“The ‘Make Love, Not War’ anti-Vietnam war mood of the late 60s and early 70s that dominated the fashion of that era was the inspiration of this collection,” Adam explained. “I studied the hair colour of icons of the era, particularly Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, to come up with today’s spin on their colours. All the looks are created for clients; there is no over-emphasis or exaggeration. It is practical, appealing and ready for clients.”

Adam played with innovative techniques that he predicts will be highlights of the coming season, from colour blocking and colour outlining, to precision colour with an emphasis on texture style and tonal shine curvature used in order to enhance the tones.

The colour palette moves between vibrant hues, see the pink short hair crop, to rich commercial colours and soft pastel shades, ranging from platinum to purple. The styling shifts between voluminous, retro-inspired curls to sophisticated, contemporary cuts, while 60s sunglasses and the use of floral embellishments in every shot drive the retro theme home. A hero look comes courtesy of a multi-tonal modern mullet that subtly changes from platinum to undertones of lilac and grey.

An intoxicating mixture of strength and softness, Coachella takes the best ideas of the 60s and turns them into unique looks ideal for the modern woman.


Collection Name: Coachella (aka Revolution)
Colourist: Adam Isles
Hairstylist: Daniella Barca
Photographer: Michaela Barca
Fashion Stylist: Alanna Barca
Make Up Artist: Natalie Barrington
Salon: Rokk Ebony

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