Trends don’t slow down for a pandemic, and with colour brightening up isolations across the world, and Instagram scrolling more of an activity than ever, you can welcome coloured roots as the new (or refreshed) bona fide hair trend of choice.

As reported in Refinery29, this Billie Eilish inspired trend usually utilises neon hues, but just applied at the root of the hair – allowing clients to opt for a major transformation with less time in the chair, and with something a little different that gives a new iteration of wearable bright hair colour. In high fashion, Billie’s look was replicated at the Dries Van Noten fall 2020 show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, so the style crosses all realms of fashion, celebrity and influence.

Dries Van Noten Fall 2020

“This hair trend is what we call the ‘new punk’,” Giuseppe Stelitano, a colour technician at Trevor SorbieBristol, told Refinery29. “Previously, if you wanted to be rebellious you had to shave your hair, or you’d rock a coloured mohawk, but the new Gen Z has found a way to show their individuality, and this is it.”

The trend is made up of hairdressers colouring their clients’ roots to create a shadow-like effect, with pre-lightening and root application techniques.

“A pastel palette, like a blush pink or peach, can be really nice on blonde hair,” Giuseppe told Refinery29. “Actually, no deep parting is required for this specific style as the entire root can be coloured, giving you a multidimensional effect.”

Pink, green and lilac are trending bright hues, while red, as influenced by Kim Kardashian West’s latest look, is another go-to colour. The look can be worn with hair of any length, cut or style, and even base colour (the techniques works well with brunette hues too, not just blonde) – the element of consistency is the creative application and need for professional expertise.

See which of your clients wants a big change to liven up isolation and be ready with this trending aesthetic when they opt for a colour transformation.