In this new and nervous time for the salon industry, the community and the world at large, education will be necessary to teach on how to traverse these new waters. Hayley Mears from Six Underground Media will be covering a host of topics on this subject on April 19, in a video format hosted on The Secret Fox Education and The Secret Fox Mix & Mingle Facebook groups by Mia De Vries.

Topics covered will include how to use social media while the salon is closed and how to use it in preparation for your re-opening, as well as what salons can do during the self isolation period to make use of in the post-COVID relaunch. The education will also describe what tools salons can use to upskill in marketing during this downtime, and tips to keep salon teams engaged and developing through 2020. The session will also showcase how to create new salon packages that will manage the influx of post-isolation appointments, as well as implementing value adds to increase the weakest areas of the business. Lastly it will touch on the resurgence of QR codes as a contactless way of marketing and creating sales funnels.

“There are some really new and unique marketing angles that can be implemented, we just have to change our approach to how we service our clients and use technology to maximise both safety and efficiency,” Hayley said.

“This is one course that is everyone needs to attend,” Mia added. “With everyone at home, now is the perfect time to work on the backend of your business and iron out any old kinks and implement some exciting new strategies.”

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