Meet Albert, the clever new EFTPOS tablet set to transform your salon and point of sale. The Commonwealth Bank launched the tablet in April in order to help small businesses with their client interaction and retention, by allowing them to make payments anywhere on the salon floor.


Albert is designed to help you hold on to your sales and services. The Commonwealth Bank found that 73 per cent of customers have abandoned a retail purchase due to the length of a queue, and 55 per cent leave a store if they have to wait more than 5 minutes. With the average price of an abandoned sale being $94, this is costing Australian retailers about $1.2 billion a year. 90 per cent of Australians say their hospitality and retail experience would be improved if the sales process was more tailored to their needs.

The app addresses these issues primarily by enabling staff to accept payments via the tablet, without having to be at the counter. This means you can be taking payments at the chair, on the salon floor or even offsite, putting an end to lengthy queues.

Other key features include the option to email receipts and invoices, recognise your salon’s most loyal patrons and allow clients to open an account that can be paid later.

It can also record daily, weekly and yearly payments and makes note of other significant business insights and analytics. It comes with both Wi-Fi and 3G, and is pre-loaded with the payment app and other CommBank app functions, including Split Bill, Cash Counter, Daily IQ, Open Tab and Community Giver.

“The payments landscape is rapidly evolving as Australians embrace new technology and there is a growing need for a more powerful, open platform which can adapt to changing customer needs, and provide real-time analytics and business insights,” said Gary Roach, Managing Director Payments & Cash Management Services, Commonwealth Bank. “Albert has the potential to dramatically shift the way businesses take payments, offering merchants the ability to completely customise the customer experience from start to finish.”

We think we’ve found our future Employee of the Month.

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