Hair industry figure and notable trichologist Simone Lee is working on her PhD and needs the help of the industry and relevant survey responders to contribute to this vital research. The research looks into the barriers to entrepreneurship for Australian women in remote, regional and rural settings, deciphering these hurdles to then contribute to career and entrepreneurial advancement.

Simone is asking that women who fit this demographic of being between the ages of 18 to 24 and working in hair or beauty in remote and regional communities complete a short survey to further this research. These sectors employ a strong contingent of young women, becoming an ideal place to start with the research.

A report by The Australian Human Rights Commission in 2017 indicates rural, regional, and remote (RRR) women are at greater risk of experiencing disadvantages in the workplace and enterprise than urban women. Research has also revealed that an entrepreneurial mindset (EM) can aid in turning challenges into opportunities,” the study said.

“This study explores the barriers to under-representation in entrepreneurship and employment opportunities facing young RRR women (18 to 24) in Australia and their influence on their EM. The findings of this research will facilitate the development of enterprise career-shaping strategies to positively enhance the capabilities and futures of RRR young women within these communities.”

Those who complete the ten-minute online survey will receive access to an entrepreneurial mindset advancement toolkit and the chance to receive a $1000 Myer gift card. Additionally any eligible participant in the hairdressing profession who completes the survey will also receive the first chapter segment of the Australian Institute of Trichology’s prestigious online Associate Trichology Hair Science Certificate and ongoing course discounts from the AIT. Any salon organisation with three or more team members who meet the study criteria and participate in the survey will additionally be eligible to receive a single access pass to the full AIT Trichology Hair Science Associate Certificate and a Zoom business coaching session with Simone.

The study aims to identify failures in facets of leaderships and processes that create roadblocks for women in these communities, and the results may work into organisational, entrepreneurial development capacity-building programs for growth in these areas. Be part of this worthwhile endeavour.

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