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Crack: The addictive new hair product

CRACK! Now that we have your attention, read all about this exciting new American hair care product… Named Crack.


It has a risqué name, a bright blue design and some impressive results to back it up, it’s no wonder Crack is turning heads.

Named by the stylists who tested it for its addictive qualities (they claimed clients who used it became next-level obsessed), Crack is a styling crème that packs all the goods.

The product is infused with an innovative formula that can be used on all hair types and works best when it is combined with heat styling. It’s also sulphate and paraben free and 100% vegan.

Stylists found that when used, the product improves shine, decreases frizz in humid conditions and reduces broken strands and split ends in heat treated hair. It’s also a must for styling, dramatically reducing broken hair fibres, allowing for double the detangling during wet combing and diminishing the stress of dry combing on hair. For bleached hair it allows for improved management, shine, anti-frizz and heat protection. No wonder it’s addictive!

Crack in Stand 8xS 4xL a

Crack is best used in small doses. Simply work a pea to 5 cent piece size amount through the hair after shampooing and conditioning and comb through. Stylists say it reduces both drying time and the length needed between shampoos.

It’s a sentence we never thought we’d write, but it may be time go get your hands on some Crack – now.

Crack is being distributed in Australia by A M Williams. For more information or to find your nearest wholesaler visit or call (02) 9666 5955

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