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Craig Smith Debuts Helmet Hair Co. Salon

Meet the realisation of lauded stylist Craig Smith’s two passions – hair, and helmets (or the motorcycles that make them necessary). Helmet Hair Co. is the hairdresser’s latest venture, and the space speaks to his personal tastes and passions, a labour of love that may explain why it’s such a breath of fresh air.

The salon bares some elements to Craig’s famous (and current) salon legacy, Fruition – as with Fruition, modern style and experience-led hairdressing is key – but, otherwise, Helmet Hair Co. is a noticeably different venture. The space fuses together a mechanical aesthetic with, somehow, a welcoming salon vibe. Dark metal accents, a steel feature screen (dividing the basin area from the salon) and a vintage tool kit at the front desk display this motor-heavy inspiration in the salon format.

Another unique element of the salon lies in its pricing system, with the service menu decidedly casual and pricing a value for money structure that encourages clients to pay less but visit more, becoming a part of the salon’s distinct culture. Craig refers to the space as more of a ‘local creative hub’ than a salon.

“Helmet is about more than just hair for me,” Craig shared. “It looks and feels very different and certainly doesn’t rest on Fruition’s laurels. Our price list proudly states ‘no nasty add-ons, just cool hair’ and with that comes a more casual laid back vibe. I find the space is incredibly inspiring for the team and clients alike, but there is no style without substance. While the salon has its own identity, it was only ever going to work for me if the Fruition customer felt just as confident coming to get their hair done here. It’s been a dream of mine for many years to create Helmet Hair Co. and to see it coming together is one of the most exciting moments in my career.”

Craig’s experience has seen him nominated for AHFA Hairdresser of the Year an impressive seven times, as well as work as a L’Oréal Professionnel International Ambassador, former Alter Ego International Ambassador and lead the AHFA Artistic Team of the Year, which Fruition won last year. His work with Fruition (for which he is the Owner and Creative Director) has allowed him to explore education, editorial opportunity and mentorship, giving him the perfect platform to launch a new hairdressing passion, with Helmet Hair Co.

Those mentorship qualities will be in full force at the new venture, with Craig and current AHFA QLD Hairdresser of the Year Amanda Menz at the helm, and local stylist Anthea Allen stepping into the role of Salon Manager.

The salon is located in the Brisbane suburb of Nundah and opened just last week – motor heads, creatives and hair aficionados, this one’s for you.

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