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Dannii Minogue’s Pink Transformation

L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassador and Australian star Dannii Minogue has fulfilled a promise she made to us two months ago.

“I totally 100 per cent want to try pink in it,” Dannii told Styleicons in January, after making her dramatic transformation to blonde. “I love all those ice lolly colours so that is something that I want to try, I think it’s me just getting back into this, the more brave decisions with hair, it would be fun to experiment and try new styles.”

The singer (and mother) spoke about the ability to colour her hair with L’Oréal Professionnel and their new Smartbond technology, pointing to her need to keep hair healthy and HD screen friendly at all times, despite constant backstage styling and colouring. She also spoke about her excitement of becoming bolder with her hair now that she has the time to even think about it as her son grows up, but also being wary of going bold within the everyday school environment (any bold haired mother at the school drop off can probably understand those doubts).

Clearly those fears were appeased as Dannii unveiled her new pink hair to her 255,000 Instagram followers on Sunday, and then in person at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards that night. With the help of stylist and newly-minted FAME Team member Jamie Furlan and, most importantly, Colourist of the Year Danielle Solier, both of Xiang Hair, Dannii hit the red carpet and then the stage, to announce the giant Australian Hairdresser of the Year award, in pink.

Wearing multiple pink dresses for an on set photo shoot, editorial session around Luna Park and the event itself, Dannii doubled on being pretty in pink. With the aid of Smartbond, her hair looked glossy and healthy in the new hue, even under the scrutiny of the event’s giant screen.

“Working with Dannii on this new hair colour look has been a lot of fun,” said Olga Zanetti, L’Oréal Professionnel Australia General Manager. “We were so excited when she told us she wanted to go pink. The beautiful pink sorbet tone is very on trend at the moment and looks amazing on Dannii! It just shows how easy it is to have fun with your hair colour. The beauty of L’Oréal Professionnel Colourful hair is that it’s temporary. There are 7 shades to choose from in the salon and you have the freedom to customise the level of pastel you like.”

Dannii’s blonde look in January

“Being blonde has enabled me to have more fun with my hair colour, and the Smartbond service means it doesn’t compromise its health,” Dannii shared. “Hair colour is certainly the new makeup for me, and I’m enjoying the freedom to experiment with new hues and tones. I’ve been tempted to go pink for a while. I love the softness of the pastel shades in the new colourful hair range.”

Dannii’s hair throwback

It’s a far cry from the hair throwback she posted the same day, where she admitted to trying every hair style at once (oh, the 80s) and it’s the perfect resolution to her pink promise from the beginning of the year.

Images via @danniiminogue on Instagram

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