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Davines Host Breakfast with International Master Trainer Brian Suhr

Beauty Media joined luxury haircare brand Davines for a breakfast centred around innovation, sustainability and vitality, showcasing how Davines is progressing all three concepts in the haircare world.

Taking place at Grati, Sydney’s first ‘profit for purpose’ café, the event was hosted by Davines’ Australian distributor Hairjamm, with special guest Davines International Master Trainer Brian Suhr from Italy giving a presentation on the history of the brand, it’s current suite of products and looking towards the future.

The event offered a taste of Italy – literally, with a luxurious Italian-style breakfast including fruit, pastries and finger sandwiches with tea, coffee and juice. The Davines range was in full display with naturally-inspired installations incorporating floral arrangements, dense greenery (coordinated by floral stylists Sticks & Wicks) and the products themselves creating the lush décor.

Brian spoke of the company’s impressive innovation, with new products and entirely new sustainable premises in Italy progressing the brand further. Davines merges the two tenants of beauty and environmental awareness in its products, scientifically engineering products that are natural, technically impressive and of premium quality.

The ranges are handcrafted in Italy and draw inspiration from this local culture, such as Italian heritage, art and design. The ranges include products that pertain to haircare, colour, styling, nourishing and repair, all of which leave a minimal environmental footprint. The ranges use unique ideas to help both the user and the planet, for example housing some products in interesting tubs that can be re-used. As Brian explains, this was based on his grandmother and the old jars she used to keep various items and kitchen ingredients in. Their all-new NaturalTech line of haircare builds on sustainable ideas and practices.

Everything in the Davines range is designed with a little extra thought in mind, and it’s no wonder this mentality has seen it stocked in salons in 93 countries worldwide. No matter where in the world it spreads to, Davines’ Italian roots shine through, but it’s global, sustainable mindset ensures it constantly moves forward.

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