Luxury Italian haircare brand Davines has launched their first Essentials Shampoo Bar Range, announcing their new sustainable launch at a luncheon at the luxe Chiswick restaurant in Sydney attended by beauty editors and influencers.

The Essentials Solid Shampoo collection by Davines is the conscious choice for consumers who look for the enduring quality of the Essential Haircare formulations, kept in essential packaging with a low environmental impact and able to offer hair gentleness, silkiness and compactness at the same time.

With an ethos enriched in sustainability, Davines is furthering the natural beauty landscape and the introduction of the Essentials Shampoo Bar range is a continuation of this, with active ingredients from Slow Food Presidia chosen to promote biodiversity as a natural asset for future generations.

“We’re proud to be a family company owned and operated since 1983 and have had strong brand and ethics right from the beginning,” said Davines Marketing Manager Olivia Toohey. “Balance of beauty and sustainability can improve our lives and the world around us, by creating beauty we want to encourage people to take care of not only themselves, but their environment and the world around them too.”

The liquid shampoo range also introduced low-environmental-impact packaging, due to the smaller quantities of materials needed and used within the reusable packaging. Once the product has been used, the packaging can be reused, even before recycling.

Unlike traditional soaps that have a high pH and do not contain conditioning agents, the technology behind the formulas of Essential Haircare Solid Shampoos is completely different. It allows the use of a mixture of particularly delicate surfactants and it has a skin-like pH, for a very gentle but effective cleansing action that can provide compactness and brightness to the hair fibre. Solid Essential haircare shampoos are as creamy and gentle as their liquid counterparts, but they travel better, take up less space, and are wrapped in virtuous packaging.

“With the shampoo bar, all of the bars are made with 100 per cent FSC paper; they are 94 per cent biodegradable, free of sulphates and parabens, no preservatives and no beaching agents as well,” said Ebony Smith, Davines Sales Agent for Hairjamm. “We want to make sure that we’re not harming our waterways and fish lives.”

The CO₂ generated by the raw materials, production, packaging, transport, and final disposal of the solid shampoos is offset through the Ethio Trees reforestation project, supported by Davines. The Ethio Trees project supports the regeneration of soil and forests in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray, in the Tembien Highlands, that are at risk of desertification.

Welcome a new era in hair care and sustainability.

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