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De Lorenzo Celebrates 30 Years

Join us in singing happy birthday, as sustainable Australian haircare brand De Lorenzo celebrates their 30 year anniversary. The company was born from the brothers De Lorenzo (Vincent and Anton) and traces all the way back to their experience in the industry in the 1930s, eventually spawning a family business and stalwart of the Australian haircare industry.

The brothers’ original brand (Delva) broke barriers in professional hairdressing, introducing a ‘salon only’ concept to the nation, to go along with their successful De Lorenzo salon that ran throughout the 50s and 60s. After Vincent and Anton sold this brand, and a short 17 year hiatus, the brothers came back with the help of their sons (Anthony, Chris and Vincent) to launch a new range – cue, De Lorenzo.

The range debuted in 1987, utilising the core facets of trichology, a scientific intrigue into the hair and scalp (their first range was even titled Prescriptive Soloutions), Australian manufacturing, natural based formulas and a stance against cruelty to animals. The brand even introduced a first into the marketplace – a non-aerosol pump hairspray that acted as a much friendlier soloution for the earth’s ozone layer.

The De Lorenzo family

An important mix of professional support, a family-led sense of determination and an understanding of what salons and consumers want, has ensured the brand’s continued success and now, 30th birthday. De Lorenzo now boasts eight retail ranges and a colour range that spans over 111 hues.

“Our philosophy will not change,” Anthony shared. “We are Australian made. We are committed to the ethical manufacture of natural-based products that contain no animal ingredients. Our products are focused on the health of the scalp and the hair. Our Research and Development team continues to explore technical innovation, new ingredients and the needs of the hairdressing industry both here and overseas. We will both refine and expand our range to meet the demands of the future.”

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