De Lorenzo have cast and styled a group of luxurious travellers in their new Hotel de Lorenzo campaign, constructing the dream of beautiful holidaymakers, surrounded by colour, sand and surf, and allowing you to getaway for a moment, even in your own mind.

Offered as the De Lorenzo Spring Summer 2021/2022 collection, the campaign is set with a modern retro twist capturing different colours and styles and casting a familiar group of jet-setters. With hair direction by brand ambassador Brad Ngata, the styles evoke the Flight Attendant, Chameleon, Infamous Musician and Hotelier Honey characters. The tagline houses it all under the (beach) umbrella of “where imagination meets reality by the pool”.

The Flight Attendant style is made to be sexy and sophisticated, with volume and texture in the character’s signature waves. The colour look is anchored by rose golds and blondes from the model’s Natural 6 base, created with Supanova in a combination of Natural, Gold and Auburn tones and Bond Construct 1. Bond Defence Extinguish, Elements Motion, Essential Treatments Absorb and Elements Quicksand and Sandstorm are the essential styling products for volume, movement, texture and that ideal finish.

The Chameleon is built from copper and yellow tones, styled with a blunt fringe in both sleek or high ponytail options. Predicated on a luxe, rich colour, this concoction was built with concentrated Yellow, Copper and Titan hues. Elements Densify on towel-dried hair with Elements Barrel Wave in the styling and Elements Sandstorm for the final hold create the style.

The Infamous Musician is the character with attitude and, as such, her hair is tousled and fuss-free – AKA Rock Star Curls. The low maintenance style of natural curls reflects a life of concerts and travel, complemented by an understated brunette created using warm natural hues. The character represents a quiet confidence and individual style, with Instant Satur8, Elements Titanium, Elements Densify and Instant The Ends used in a styling process that twists each sections and diffuses the hair dry to create this specific look.

Finally, the Hotelier Honey is a look made of creamy blondes and golden hues for sophisticated subtlety and the requisite sun-kissed vibe, as added to the model’s Natural 7 base. This suits a style of relaxed waves, elevating the look with a Supanova combination of Natural, Warm, Gold, and Titian tones and Novaplex Bond Construct 1. Elements Densify, Motion and Sandstorm are the essential tools in creating the style.

This is our current getaway plan so immerse yourself in Hotel de Lorenzo and transport your side poolside with these inspirational looks.

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