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De Lorenzo Reboot Instant Series

De Lorenzo’s all new Instant series is on the precipice of hitting salons, with a new look and new ingredient headlining the relaunch. Marketed for ‘everyday people’ (translation: your clients), the naturally-based, paraben-free range is separated into three essential groups that target different hair types.

The major new addition comes in the form of the Baobab Protein, which repairs the hair, increases its strength, protects from UV damage, and moisturises and nourishes hair. It is derived from an African tree locally renowned as the ‘tree of life’, which has been sourced and grown here in Australia for the proudly national brand. This allows for the same agreeable price point but with higher quality products.

20150411_DE LORENZO14245

Aside from this new all-purpose ingredient, the collection has undergone a makeover. Predominantly white, the three different groups, Accentu8, Allevi8 and Rejuven8, are marked by different, coloured accents, green, pink and blue, respectively.

Accentu8 is the body building collection, ideal for fine hair. A shampoo, conditioner and Satur8 product, which revitalises and detangles the hair, utilise ingredients that are derived from the sea in order to add volume.

20150411_DE LORENZO15660

Next, the Allevi8 range is designed for frizzy hair, a desert-inspired range that harnesses Kakadu Plum and Cactus Flower to turn dry hair into a glossy finish. A shampoo, conditioner, Shine Serum and Instant Restructurant, which is designed to fit with the entire range, refresh the hair, fight against humidity and protect against UV.

20150411_DE LORENZO14686

Lastly, The Rejuven8 line is the specialised colour range, extending the life of coloured hair and maximising tone vibrancy through berry fruit ingredients. A shampoo, conditioner and treatment, as well as hero product, The Ends, prevent colour fade, soften the hair, protect against chemical damage and reduce split ends.

Instants Group_Lineup

Local, natural and specialised for different hair types, it’s no wonder De Lorenzo, and its Instant Series, is inspired by nature – utilising the power of the trees, the sea and the land to project an ethical, high quality approach to hair.

20150411_DE LORENZO15076

We know you’ll be counting down to these new arrivals.

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