“I’m not a barber, I don’t claim to be – I’m a hairdresser, like you,” says Clipper Ninja and BaByliss PRO spokesman Dennis Joseph, right at the start of his positive and energetic Hair Expo crash course in clippering, writes Chloe Falivene.

HE15 Mon Babyliss pro (Online)_005

With an already handsome male model in his chair, he began to create an impeccable fade, covering the finer points of angles, symmetrics, fading, and hair tattooing as he went.

Dennis reassured each and every stylist in the audience that they too could create these looks. And in a world where hairdressers outnumber barbers 12 to 1, why shouldn’t every stylist take the clippers into their own hands? That humble confidence was catching, and everyone leaned in to hear more.

Rule number one is to create a masculine shape, Dennis begins. Getting those square proportions right is all important. Rule number two? Symmetry. The more symmetrical the face, the more beautiful the person – so make sure the top of the hairstyle matches the jawline as much as possible. Rule three – focus on the eyes. “A good gentlemen’s haircut does not draw attention to the hair, it draws attention to the eyes,” Dennis confides in his audience.

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Although time was tight for the late-starting session, and the audience didn’t quite get to the end of the second model’s hair tattoo, one thing was for sure – with all eyes on his fascinating work, Dennis showed us exactly how to master rule three.

Images by Oneill Photographics.