Hair brush brand Dessata is putting their tools forward to bring attention to a very important cause, working with Headspace to improve the conversation around mental health. Starting the 24-Hour No Brush Challenge (signified on social media as the #24HourNoBrushChallenge), the brand is putting the challenge out to patrons and donating money to the cause from their sales.

Here’s how the challenge works – consumers and hairdressers are asked to purchase a Dessata All You Need is Love brush, available in Maxi, Original and Mini sizes. $5 from the sales of these brushes will be donated by Dessata to Headspace. Then, those same users are required to go about their day (or as the brand instructs, ‘live life to the fullest’) without brushing their hair for 24 hours, and then post an image or video to Facebook or Instagram showing the Dessata brush detangling the ensuing knots. Include the official hashtag to go into the random draw for a Dessata prize pack.

Natalie Webster

The face of this challenge is beauty influence Natalie Webster of Chic on the Run, who embarked on the task herself and documented it all in this comprehensive video diary. Watch below.

The brand is working to combat the worrying stats around mental health, such as the fact that one in four young people have experienced mental health problems in the past month, and that suicide is the leading cause of death in young people. The treatment provided by companies such as Headspace greatly decreases these stats, by identifying the issues early and preventing them from developing. Headspace provides particular early intervention mental health services and promotes wellbeing in young people.

Dessata’s philanthropic sense is matched by their technology, making them the ideal brand to support. The Dessata design is an ergonomic tool, moulding to the contours of the hand and utilising innovative triple-length bristles. The brushes are created with a patented gel that ensures longevity and the tools themselves are flexible and anti-static to leave hair shiny and smooth.

Great for the hair and the soul – what’s not to love?

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