Drew Barrymore turns 41 on Monday (happy birthday!) and has been on our screens for 36 of those years. I’m no mathematician but that’s 88 per cent of a life spent in the spotlight (I used a calculator and everything), so no wonder we’ve seen her run the full gamut of hair looks in her illustrious career.

From big curls to cute pixie cuts, we’re officially throwing back to Drew’s best hair moments, from alternative looks in the 80s, to the golden age of rom-coms in the 90s, and sheer class now. Which is your favourite?

1. This tousled bob is classic Drew, who rocked short hair for so much of the 90s (and we can see why).


2. She wasn’t just cutting her hair to daringly short lengths, Drew was also experimenting with colour – and she’s never really stopped. This vivid auburn tone is a win.


3. What did we tell you? Drew even went to the dark side for a short while, experimenting with blue-black hair. How 90s is this?


4. We’re going back a long way here to a particularly young Drew, celebrating rock and roll with next-level asymmetrical texture and volume.


5. For all her different looks, so many associate Drew’s hair with ombré, a trend that’s been a significant part of her hair repertoire over the past few years.


6. This photo looks to be straight out of an old family album, and with tight ringlets and a golden blonde hue, it certainly packs the nostalgia factor.


7. Talk about daring – not many stars opt for precise, dramatic dual-colour look of blonde and black on the red carpet. This earns our respect for sure.

8. Soft curls and this rich brunette tone show the full scope of Drew’s hair journey.

9. This Carrie Bradshaw-esque curly haired look is still seriously cool. tumblr_nx6389oGsN1uod0rqo4_500
10. A pixie cut, ideal blonde and a flower just because. This sunny style is vintage Drew.