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Dyson Launches Supersonic Professional Hairdryer

Electrical conglomerate Dyson made major headlines earlier this year when they announced that their enticing new consumer tool, the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, had been developed and was coming to Australia. The Professional version has now been launched into the Australian market, building on a tool that necessitated $94 million, 4 years, 600 prototypes and over 100 engineers to create.


Meet the Dyson Supersonic Professional Hairdryer – which has been developed with the help of internationally recognised stylists and includes changes made specifically for the salon. Consultancy from famous hairdressing figures included famous names such as Akin Konizi, while ambassadors for the product include Jen Atkin, Katsuya Kamo and our very own Renya Xydis.

Important features of the professional model include a wider air flow to necessitate fewer brush strokes, magnetic attachments that make for simple adjustments and the dryer’s famous fast drying that is bound to save you extreme amounts of time (and you know what they say about time equalling money). The Dyson digital motor V9 is on average six times faster than other dryer motors, and uses Air Multiplier technology to speed up the process even further.


Beyond that, the dryer aids your clients’ hair by measuring the temperature every twenty seconds to regulate heat and protect hair from damage. Significantly for hairdressers who spend most of the day with a dryer in hand, the dryer is engineered with balance in mind (the motor is in the handle of the dryer instead of the head) and is smaller in order for the tool to feel lighter. The tool is also famously quiet, meaning no more constant loud dryer noise and no more nodding politely when you can’t hear your clients over the sound.

For clumsy hairdressers (it’s ok, we won’t judge), the premium tool will be fine in – or out – of your hands. The developers dropped the tool over 1783 times, twisted the cable over 310,000 times and pushed the buttons more than 52,000 times, ensuring the product can withstand it all. The product has been tested at extreme temperatures, exposed it to 37 grams of dust and lint and put under the force of 155 kilograms. Basically, no amount of klutz or salon havoc will bring it down.


The professional tool was launched in Sydney at an exclusive event earlier this week. Situated at a studio in Alexandria, salon owners were given insight into the technology, while Renya and co-host Travis Balcke presented a series of look and learns to demonstrate its abilities.


“As Creative Partner and Ambassador for the new Dyson Supersonic Professional hair dryer, I’m hooked on this game-changing styling tool,” Renya enthused. “It’s the Porsche of hair dryers and is a true game changer. The genius technology that has gone into creating this brilliant hair dryer is what makes it stand out – it’s revolutionary and it’s the only hair dryer I use in my salons and on my clientele.”

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