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Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Announces Australian Ambassador

Two big announcements have come courtesy of electrical tools conglomerate Dyson this week, following up on the hair news that broke the internet just weeks ago – that a Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer was coming to the market. Now the tool is officially available for Australian pre-orders (with a rapidly approaching Australian release date!) and the company has officially named its local celebrity ambassador.


Valonz salon founder and creative director Renya Xydis has been announced as that ambassador, making Valonz the first salon to use the Dyson Supersonic™ Hairdryer. Renya will also be a consultant and creative stylist for the tool’s local endeavours.

“The hair dryer really hasn’t changed much since the ‘60s,” Renya said. “When I saw the Dyson Supersonic™ for the first time, I was blown away – it looks stunning, whisper quiet and handles beautifully. What really makes a difference is the amazingly intelligent heat control, which helps keep hair fabulously shiny by avoiding high temperatures. I know it’s going to impress Australians at home as much as it will my clients in the salon.”

-Renya Xydis High Res

Renya Xydis

Renya joins other high-profile hairdressing ambassadors for the dryer, including British hairdressing legend and Hob Salons creative director Akin Konizi, American celebrity stylist Jen Atkin (yes, you know her as the Kardashians’ hair guru) and leading Japanese stylist and makeup artist Katsuya Kamo.

The hairdryer caused a stir when it was announced in April at a conference in Tokyo, winning praise for its lightweight design, intelligent heat control and quieter functions. It will be made available in Australian department stores from July 9 and 10, for the retail price of $699, and pre-orders are available from now.

“Hair dryers can be heavy, inefficient and make a racket,” Dyson founder James Dyson shared. “By looking at them further we realised that they can also cause extreme heat damage to hair. I challenged Dyson engineers to really understand the science of hair and develop our version of a hair dryer, which we think solves these problems.”


James Dyson

The famous electronics company invested 50 million pounds (almost AU$100 million) into the project, developing the technology and testing the science of hair itself over the space of four years and utilising 103 engineers in total. A team of over 15 engineers developed the patented Dyson digital motor V9, the company’s smallest, lightest and most advanced digital motor, which defines the technology of the new tool. The motor is positioned in the handle, rather than the head of the tool, which makes it more well-balanced.

Other innovative technology includes intelligent heat control, where a glass bead thermistor measures the temperature of the dryer 20 times a second, allowing a microprocessor to control the heating so that it never reaches dangerous or harmful levels. Also, the patented Air Multiplier™ technology amplifies the air drawn into the motor by three, producing higher pressure and velocity during drying, in a focused, strong airflow that is made precise by being on a 20 degree angle. In terms of sound, the hairdryer was given 13 blades instead of the usual 11, pushing the sound frequency of the motor beyond an audible hearing range, as has been specifically designed by acoustic engineers.

After 600 prototypes, 16 patents and 1010 miles of human hair used in testing (a stat that still baffles us), Dyson’s Supersonic™ Hairdryer is impressing with its versatile features, revolutionary technology and now, partnership with the inspirational Renya Xydis. Jump on the pre-order bandwagon and see what difference it makes to your styling prowess.

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