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e SALON Trio Perform in NZ

é SALON brought three of the industry’s biggest names, Emiliano Vitale, Robert Lobetta and Benni Tognini, to New Zealand, for an inspiring show and interactive workshop over the 7th and 8th of September.

Robert & Benni - NZ Sept 2014

Robert Lobetta and Benni Tognini at the New Zealand Workshop

Robert started the show in sublime fashion, with a presentation entitled Almost Famous, which took the audience into the inner workings of his creative process and shared the details of his incomparable career. This included visual representations of his early work through to his current work, which saw a journey from editorial leanings into his present love of Contemporary Art and collaboration. The presentation showed off Robert’s notorious attention to detail, and compelling, thought-provoking, modern and daring photographic aesthetic.

Emiliano Vitale - NZ - Sept 2014

Emiliano Vitale at the NZ Workshop

“It was a unique opportunity for the audience to learn what it takes to be creative and the space you must be in to encourage and nurture that creativity, from the man who truly changed the creative path for millions of hairdressers around the world,” said Emiliano of the enthralling showcase.

“The industry has given me a lot, a life filled with successes and failures, opportunities, and adventures. I’m full of gratitude. Now I want to give back,” Robert added. “What is the point of all this experience unless I can pay it forward? Staying true to your identity will help you to unlock the door to your future, and to understand the importance of being famous for more than 15 minutes.”

Lobetta, Vitale & Tognini - NZ Sept 2014 #2

Photographic imagery from the workshop

Robert returned to the stage the next day, now joined by Emiliano and Benni, for an exclusive workshop that focussed on three specific topics significant to both in salon and creative styling. The first topic was brandology. Here, the trio taught the audience about branding their own unique, creative identity, whilst the second topic was about developing a creative strategy comprised of each stylist’s key strengths, passions and economic necessities. The third portion was interactive, where the trio worked with the audience in an open forum that covered the process of a cut, consultation and creative collaboration. The group explored their creative possibilities in a highly practical format. Robert directed an innovative photoshoot and Emiliano and Benni worked on the cutting and styling.

Lobetta, Vitale & Tognini - NZ Sept 2014 #3

Photographic imagery from the workshop

New Zealand stylists became the lucky benefactors of é SALON’s commitment to creative education, with three of the industry’s greatest artistic talents delivering an innovative presentation based on their extensive experience.

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