Innovative share house salon Edwards and Co celebrated one year of achievement with an elegant soiree this month. The event, on July 4th, hosted the salon’s loyal clients and dedicated team of hair stylists, makeup artists, manicurists and other beauty therapists, in order to acknowledge the successful fruition of a daring concept.

Edwards & Co-45

Lara Bingle and Jaye Edwards at the Edwards and Co Event

Edwards and Co was created by talented stylist, hairdresser and colourist Jaye Edwards, who built the concept from a futuristic idea. The salon team are freelancers who rent chairs and space but effectively run their own business, ensuring a strong commitment to their work and, often, their own very loyal clientèle. The stylists each specialise in different nice markets and offer a range of diverse skills. The addition of makeup, beauty therapy and manicure services make the salon a one stop shop for all hair and beauty needs.

Edwards is a renowned celebrity stylist, with experience styling the locks of Lara Bingle, Erin McNaught, Kate Waterhouse and more. He is known as the balyage expert, with special techniques that redefine our notion of colour. The team have similar editorial experience, and bring their exclusive talents to the salon chair.

Edwards & Co-75

Edwards and Co hosts a one year celebration at the Surry Hills salon

Sydney’s Surry Hill location boasts a unique warehouse aesthetic, with a high ceiling, natural sunlight, an open floorplan and a structure created from brick and wood to create a trendy rustic feel. A new location in Melbourne has recently been opened, utilising the same high mirrors in an open warehouse space, but with crisp white walls, studio lighting and street art adorning the walls, allowing it to have its own chic Melbournian voice.

With a year of growth that has seen the concept not only succeed but thrive and nationally expand, Edwards and Co is a big advocate for the power of collaboration. The next year promises even more in its creative approach to beauty and business.

For more information visit or call 02 9211 6631 or 03 9639 5188